Friday, May 10

Can She Do It (All)?

My answer will always be YES but not at the same time! I have been so focused on the Sandra project that I have really neglected the blog. There are just not enough hours in the day! It really ups the level of respect and admiration that I have for my favorite bloggers-- they do projects AND they find the time to blog about it. WOW!

Just about everyday, my plan is to complete X,Y and Z. Short, sweet.. .to the point. But! I can't say, that I ever would have thought this project would take so long! I will say that I have improved my skills ten fold, including my patience level and having Sandra to offer advice or just listen to my vents, has been well worth it.

Here is the latest update from Sandra and it's from the end of April (oops, sorry to keep you out of the loop) so I can proudly say, I am much further along than this. How much further? You will have to wait and see-- I believe an update will be coming soon!

Current Status of the Dining Room Built Ins   <---Click to check it out!

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