Monday, April 15

Monday Mention --Daily Deal Sites I Love

I love to find unique and interesting a great price... but I HATE to shop. What a bad combination, eh? The answer, for me,  is the following five daily deal sites that hunt for unique, interesting deals and deliver them to you each day. Handy!

Pick Your Plum

This site posts their daily deal, each morning at 7am MST, M-F. I got a really cute top one day and neat little chalkboard clips that I used on my Polka Dotted Pen Buckets. They  include a piece of Laffy Taffy  with every order, which was a sweet surprise for me. In case I ruined that surprise for you, they  randomly will select a "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner" contest winner from their customer base so you might just end up with a nice surprise later on down the line!

Daily Boutique Deals
Very Jane has a ton of deals, some are for one day only, some are for the entire week! They have a really good variety of seasonal home decor, jewelry, clothing, crafting items and kid's stuff.


This site, all items are featured for 24-48 hours but sometimes can sell out quickly. The items direct ship from the seller and you need to pay attention to the expected ship date-- sometimes it is as long as 21 days after the end of the deal before the item ships. You can score really unique items such as subway art and designer inspired jewelry. 

Sassy Steals 

This site has a great variety of items from mustache earrings to I-Phone wallets. They also have clothing. The deals usually run for a few days. The customer service on this site is top notch. Again, watch the ship date, sometimes it is longer due to production  time. 


This site, by far, has the most items offered. They call them events. The events start at 6am PST each day and there is a broad variety of stuff offered. The site is organized so that you can easily peruse by category, brand, age, gender or best sellers. This one also give you referral credits if you refer a friend to their site! If you click through on this one, it is a referral link for me. 

 I love to find new shops and hope that you find at least one of these that you have never heard of before and enjoy! What are your favorite online shops?

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