Thursday, March 21

Learn HTML- Can She Do It?

I have so many ideas dancing around in my head for an AWESOME web design! I have looked and looked for a web design that matches my vision, that perhaps some like minded soul has created , without success. What is a girl to do? Teach herself HTML and CSS! It's really not that hard, well not yet... Here is a nine photo grid I created as part of my assignment:

The Puggy Bunch

You have the Brady Bunch theme song in your head now, don't ya? You're welcome. How did I do it?
Have you ever heard of Khan Academy? It is an interactive math site that progressively teaches math concepts.  You earn badges for each concept you master.My kids love it.
There is another website called Code Academy. It is an interactive website that teaches HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, Javascript and other web design fundamentals.

I am working my way through the course and I am on a 7 day streak! I will post my projects for you and will try to answer any questions you might have. It is really interesting, all of the code that happens behind the scenes of your favorite web sites! Am I officially a nerd now?

What questions do you have about the web?
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