Wednesday, February 27

Calculate Your Age in Mom Years - Mommy Shorts

English: Vodka.
English: Vodka. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I just did this quiz and I am 75 in mom years. Our vacations, without the kids, helped shave off 50 years! What is your age in mommy years? Click through below to find out:

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Tuesday, February 26

Cabinet doors Dilemna

craft room picture
craft room picture (Photo credit: countrykitty)
Wow, you should head over to Sandra's site to check out how far Beckie has come in her craft room build! They are currently seeking opinions for the choice of Cabinet Doors  for the bookcases. What type of cabinet door do you prefer and why?

Me, I am busy on the next part of my project, should be an update posted soon!

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Saturday, February 23

Dining Room Table Choice-- Need Input!

Sorry I have been so quiet lately. You may be asking yourself, "What happened to the built ins, already starting the dining room table?" I have been really busy working on the dining room built-ins project for Sandra and as part of the deal, I can't share anything until she shares it. No complaints since it's a killer deal for me but I know it's hard for those of you who would like to know how it's going. Patience my friend, patience!

 I can say that I have reached the point of having to make a decision on the counter top material. Ideally I would like to use the same counter top on the farmhouse table I will build, later, too. Or is that too matchy? Here is my pinterest board with all of the different farmhouse tables out there. What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Can you guess which one is our favorite?

Click here to view our:  Dining Room Pinterest Board

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Thursday, February 21

Course corrections all along the way!

Why is there no such thing as a "simple" DIY project for me? Every. single. time. something goes wrong! I will be posting the link to my project with Sandra soon, but I am so thankful to have her on the journey, that is all I am going to say about that. And no, this is not my toilet, but it's pretty funny isn't it?? 

Wow, what a design FAIL! Perhaps a pocket door was in order?

 Have you ever seen a pocket door install, in action? Sandra from is not just working with me as a coach, she has several other clients. Check out her project with Malisa. I thought I was the only one who encountered road blocks incessantly throughout my DIY projects. Thanks ladies for letting me know that I am not alone!

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Monday, February 18

January's Challenge -How we did it

As I previously reported, our family has chosen to take on a challenge each month for the year. Last month's challenge was No Dining Out and we did a pretty good job. The questions I have received are:

Where do you start?
What is the best way to do this?

The first thing I did, was to take a look at Pinterest for an exciting menu board to use for our meals at home. This is actually our second menu board. The first one was just an IKEA magnetic notice board, seven heavyweight magnetic clips and it was about as exciting as it sounds. Here is our Menu Board:


Friday, February 15

The Story of Jumping Mouse

So this week, as I am volunteering in Camden's second grade classroom, I am given the most wonderful gift! The kids are working on understanding what is important in stories and identifying the underlying message of the story. This is a real challenge for them, as they still think in black and white. I really enjoyed the story and it made me really think. On one level, you observe the kids and their grasp or lack thereof of the story. They are really forced to use their noggin as the illustrations are graphite style black and white. The little mouse sets off to find the far off land. Along the way he is given gifts to help him in his journey. He also gives gifts to others. It's a great story with really deep meaning. It is very much worth reading to the child in your life!
What children's literature have you read lately that you really enjoyed?

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Wednesday, February 6

January's Challenge--No Dining Out

So, still recovering from the spend fest that is the holiday season, we decided to try to not eat out for the entire month of January. How did we do?
January 1st-- The first day of "no eating out" and we went to Old Chicago for lunch. The excuse, er reason, was it was a holiday. We start tomorrow!
We made it from January 2nd to January 14th, no dining out. The 15th was restaurant night for the school, so we HAD to go. You know so my kids can sit there with goofy shy smiles, telling me they see kids they know but the won't go say hello when I tell them to? When they see teachers or the principal, based on their reaction you would think we were in the presence of celebrities! Totally worth the digression.  The next day I had plans to meet up with a friend for lunch, it is no fun to meet up for lunch, at home!
We then made it to January 24th, no dining out.

 On January 25th, we were invited to Linger, formerly Olinger Mortuary, can you tell how they recycled the old neon sign?  We could not pass up the opportunity to say we ate dinner in a former mortuary! Seriously, the dessert menu was on a toe tag. It was well worth it, the food was wonderful as was the company. It's a small plate concept and so you get a little of this and a little of that. We were stuffed when we left.

     The views were breathtaking and the bar top was made out of lite brite pegs! Did you even know they still made Lite Brite? It's evolved, just like the television,  from bulky to flat screen!

The next day I had an all day Sketchup class so I ate at Subway. Mike and the kids went to On the Border for lunch. After that, we made it through the rest of the month with out dining out. So out of 93 opportunities to eat out, we only ate out 6 times-- that would actually be a B+, don't you think? Next month's challenge-- "TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!"
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Monday, February 4

3D Walkthrough of Dining Room Area

I have been faithfully practicing on Sketchup for 30 to 45 minutes each day. Some days the 30 minute mark couldn't come soon enough and other days I had to force myself to stop at the 45 minute mark. Here is a really rough sketch of the area I am working in with Sandra on my project. Of course the shelving unit will not look like this, it's a rough sketch! I was considering putting a built in window seat in the alcove but this sketch makes me wonder if it will be TOO much? What do you think? 

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