Friday, January 25

SketchUp Class

I am so excited to take a Sketchup class with a real live person! I have tried to use the video tutorials and I am lost. This should be really good since it is 7 hours long. Here is the course description:

"Introduction to Sketchup
Interior, Home, & Landscape Design for Everyone"
Looking to remodel your kitchen and want
to visualize options? Just how would your
house look with a wrap-around porch or
new garage? Sketchup is a dynamic, free
software program that just about anyone
can use to accurately build 3D architectural
or design models. In class, download
a Google Maps image of your property (if
working on exterior) and learn step-by-step
exercises to build a design while mastering basic
 Sketchup skills. Google provides
tons of “components” like tree, plants and
furniture that you can use to really bring
your design to life. Matt Hodel, a Sketchup
specialist, explains how to avoid potential
pitfalls and increase your workflow. Bring
a laptop computer with Google Sketchup 8
already installed and a mouse with a wheel

I will update on Tuesday so check back!


Here is the review:

Sketchup class review
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