Tuesday, January 29

My Sketchup class Review

  I was soooooo excited to take a seven hour Sketchup class over the weekend. Sketchup is a free software program that you can use to create woodworking plans, floor plans, house designs in 3D and so much more. There is a 3D warehouse that has any item you might need for your plans-- plants, cats, people, sofas etc.  Camden, my eight year old son, has been using it for awhile now and is well versed. He could not believe I was taking a class to learn Sketchup. He watched the videos and jumped in. I watched the videos and was completely lost.  I did not expect to be an expert, after only seven hours of instruction, that would not be realistic. I just wanted to feel like I had a rudimentary understanding of the basics so I could build my knowledge, over time. My expectations for the class:

1) Learn the basics of Sketchup
2) Learn all of the menu options, when to use
3) Make a few examples with my new skills
4) Leave the class with a better grasp of how to use Sketchup
5) Show Camden, my eight year old, a thing or four

 On Saturday, I was so frustrated with the experience. Today, I have a much better outlook on it. Was it worth the money? On Saturday I would have told you no but now, today, I will say yes. Too bad for you though, I believe the instructor was just as frustrated with the experience and he has canceled the next class! He is an absolutely brilliant design/builder and I have no doubt he is really good at what he does. The saying, "Those who can't, teach," it is for good reason! Those who cannot, usually understand how to do it, they just can't do it well. When you just are able to do something and do it well, it becomes almost innate to you, second nature. You cannot teach someone to understand something that you innately understand. Of course there are exceptions but let's just say this was absolutely true of my instructor. He kept going off on these wild tangents and while I enjoyed seeing some of the super advanced techniques, I had absolutely no clue how he got there!

I did find a great online resource for woodworking Sketchup tutorials yesterday and they absolutely made sense, yes! For kicks, I looked at a few of the other video tutorials that confused me before and now they make sense. So I will be working on item number three and especially hard on item number five this week, I have someone to impress!

Here is the link to the woodworking tutorials:
A GREAT source for using Sketchup to build furniture

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